Meaning of impede in English

To be an obstacle or to place obstacles in the way of.

Synonyms Bar,Block,Brake,Check,Clog,Curb,Dam,Delay,Deter,Discomfit,Disconcert,Disrupt,Embarrass,Faze,Freeze,Hamper,Interfere,Oppose,Rattle,Restrain,Retard,Slow,Stonewall,Stop,Stymie,Thwart,Cut Off,Close Off,Hold Up,Hang Up,Shut Down,Slow Down,Saddle With,Blow Whistle On,Flag One,
Antonyms Advance,Aid,Allow,Assist,Comfort,Continue,Encourage,Expedite,Facilitate,Forward,Free,Go,Help,Liberate,Open,Permit,Release,Soothe,Support,Unblock,Unclog,Promote,Push,

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