Meaning of imperious in English

Insisting on obedience.

Synonyms Arrogant,Authoritative,Autocratic,Commanding,Compulsory,Despotic,Dictatorial,Domineering,Exacting,Haughty,Imperative,Imperial,Mandatory,Obligatory,Oppressive,Overweening,Peremptory,Required,Tyrannical,Tyrannous,Compulsatory,
Antonyms Arrogant,Authoritative,Autocratic,Commanding,Compulsory,Despotic,Dictatorial,Domineering,Exacting,Haughty,Imperative,Imperial,Mandatory,Obligatory,Oppressive,Overweening,Peremptory,Required,Tyrannical,Tyrannous,Compulsatory,

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