Meaning of impersonal in English

Not relating to a particular person or thing.

Synonyms Abstract,Bureaucratic,Businesslike,Candid,Colorless,Cool,Detached,Disinterested,Dispassionate,Emotionless,Equal,Equitable,Fair,Formal,Impartial,Indifferent,Inhuman,Neutral,Objective,Remote,Straight,Unbiased,Uncolored,Strictly Business,Cold Turkey,
Antonyms Compassionate,Friendly,Informal,Interested,Personable,Personal,Sympathetic,Warm,

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Word of the Day

English Word accustom
Meaning To make familiar by use.
Synonyms Acclimatize,Acculturate,Acquaint,Adapt,Familiarize,Habituate,Season,
Urdu Meaning عادی بنانا