Meaning of inadequate in English


Synonyms Bare,Barren,Beaks,Deficient,Depleted,Dry,Failing,Faulty,Feeble,Glitch,Imperfect,Impotent,Inapt,Incapable,Incommensurate,Incompetent,Incomplete,Insubstantial,Junk,Lacking,Lame,Lemon,Lousy,Low,Meager,Minus,Miserly,Parsimonious,Poor,Scanty,Scarce,Short,Shy,Sketchy,Skimpy,Small,Spare,Sparse,Sterile,Stunted,Unequal,Weak,
Antonyms Able,Abundant,Adequate,Capable,Competent,Complete,Enough,Finished,Full,Perfect,Potent,Strong,Sufficient,

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