Meaning of inane in English


Synonyms Batty,Bizarre,Cracked,Crazy,Cuckoo,Daft,Demented,Derailed,Deranged,Fatuous,Frenzied,Idiotic,Impractical,Irrational,Irresponsible,Loony,Lunatic,Mad,Maniacal,Mental,Moonstruck,Nuts,Nutty,Paranoid,Rabid,Raging,Raving,Schizophrenic,Screwy,Senseless,Touched,Unsettled,Wild,Preposterous,Psychotic,Psychopathic,
Antonyms Balanced,Calm,Healthy,Intelligent,Ok,Rational,Reasonable,Responsible,Sane,Sensible,Smart,Sound,Well,

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Word of the Day

English Word intensive
Meaning Adding emphasis or force.
Synonyms Accelerated,Complete,Comprehensive,Concentrated,Deep,Demanding,Fast,Hard,Radical,Severe,Thorough,Thoroughgoing,Profound,
Antonyms Incomplete,Superficial,Surface,Incomprehensive,
Urdu Meaning پھیلا ہوا