Meaning of incite in English

To rouse to a particular action.

Synonyms Abet,Activate,Actuate,Agitate,Animate,Arouse,Coax,Craze,Drive,Encourage,Excite,Exhort,Foment,Force,Forward,Further,Goad,Impel,Induce,Inflame,Influence,Inspire,Inspirit,Instigate,Juice,Motivate,Persuade,Raise,Rouse,Set,Solicit,Spur,Stimulate,Taunt,Trigger,Urge,Promote,Push,Provoke,Egg On,Prompt,Prick,
Antonyms Block,Calm,Cease,Check,Dampen,Deaden,Delay,Depress,Deter,Discourage,Dissuade,Finish,Halt,Hinder,Impede,Lull,Quiet,Repress,Soothe,Stop,Suppress,Tranquilize,Prevent,Prohibit,

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