Meaning of incompatible in English


Synonyms Adverse,Antipathetic,Antipodal,Antithetical,Clashing,Conflicting,Contrary,Counter,Disagreeing,Discordant,Discrepant,Disparate,Factious,Inadmissible,Inappropriate,Incoherent,Incongruous,Inconsistent,Inconsonant,Inconstant,Irreconcilable,Jarring,Mismatched,Offbeat,Opposed,Opposite,Unadapted,Uncongenial,Unsuitable,Unsuited,Warring,Poles Apart,Marching To A Different Drummer,
Antonyms Appropriate,Compatible,Consistent,Consonant,Fitting,Harmonious,Loving,Suitable,Suited,Proper,

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Word of the Day

English Word monograph
Meaning A treatise discussing a single subject or branch of a subject.
Synonyms Discourse,Dissertation,Essay,Thesis,Tract,Treatise,
Urdu Meaning ایک ہی مضمون کا بیان