Meaning of incongruous in English

Unsuitable for the time, place, or occasion.

Synonyms Acidimeter,Alien,Bizarre,Conflicting,Contradictory,Discordant,Disparate,Distorted,Divergent,Extraneous,Fantastic,Fitful,Foreign,Illogical,Improper,Inappropriate,Inapt,Incoherent,Incompatible,Incongruent,Inconsistent,Irreconcilable,Irregular,Jumbled,Lopsided,Mismatched,Rambling,Twisted,Unavailing,Unbalanced,Unbecoming,Unconnected,Uncoordinated,Uneven,Unintelligible,Unpredictable,Unrelated,Unsuitable,Unsuited,Inapropos,
Antonyms Compatible,Congruous,Consistent,Corresponding,Fitting,Harmonious,Matched,Suitable,Uniform,

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