Meaning of inert in English


Synonyms Apathetic,Asleep,Dead,Dormant,Down,Dull,Idle,Immobile,Impassive,Impotent,Inactive,Inanimate,Indolent,Languid,Languorous,Lazy,Leaden,Listless,Motionless,Numb,Paralyzed,Passive,Phlegmatic,Powerless,Quiescent,Quiet,Slack,Sleepy,Slothful,Sluggard,Sluggish,Static,Still,Stolid,Torpid,Unmoving,Unresponsive,Slumberous,
Antonyms Able,Active,Alive,Animated,Busy,Lively,Mobile,Moving,Potent,Strong,Working,

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