Meaning of inflexible in English

That can not be altered or varied.

Synonyms Adamant,Adamantine,Determined,Dogged,Firm,Fixed,Hard,Immovable,Immutable,Implacable,Indomitable,Inexorable,Intractable,Iron,Obdurate,Obstinate,Relentless,Resolute,Rigid,Rigorous,Set,Staunch,Steadfast,Steely,Stiff,Strict,Stringent,Unadaptable,Unbending,Unchangeable,Uncompromising,Unrelenting,Unyielding,
Antonyms Amenable,Bendable,Cooperative,Elastic,Flexible,Irresolute,Lenient,Pliable,Pliant,Reasonable,Resilient,Soft,Submissive,Tolerant,Willing,Yielding,

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