Meaning of inhuman in English


Synonyms Barbaric,Barbarous,Bestial,Brutal,Cannibalistic,Cruel,Devilish,Diabolical,Fell,Ferocious,Fiendish,Fierce,Grim,Hateful,Heartless,Implacable,Inhumane,Malicious,Malign,Malignant,Mean,Merciless,Pitiless,Relentless,Remorseless,Ruthless,Savage,Truculent,Unfeeling,Unkind,Unrelenting,Unsympathetic,Vicious,Wolfish,Uncompassionate,
Antonyms Civilized,Compassionate,Considerate,Feeling,Friendly,Gentle,Giving,Good,Human,Kind,Merciful,Nice,Pleasant,Polite,Sympathetic,Thoughtful,

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