Meaning of insignificant in English

Without importance, force, or influence.

Synonyms Casual,Immaterial,Inappreciable,Inconsequential,Inconsiderable,Infinitesimal,Irrelevant,Lesser,Light,Lightweight,Little,Meager,Meaningless,Minim,Minimal,Minor,Minuscule,Minute,Negligible,Nondescript,Nonessential,Nugatory,Paltry,Petty,Pointless,Scanty,Secondary,Senseless,Small,Trifling,Trivial,Unimportant,Unsubstantial,Purportless,Not Worth Mentioning,
Antonyms Big,Consequential,Huge,Important,Large,Major,Meaningful,Relevant,Sensible,Significant,Substantial,Useful,Valuable,Worthwhile,

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