Meaning of instigate in English

To provoke.

Synonyms Abet,Actuate,Encourage,Foment,Goad,Hint,Impel,Incite,Inflame,Initiate,Insinuate,Kindle,Move,Needle,Persuade,Plan,Plot,Raise,Rouse,Scheme,Spur,Start,Stimulate,Suggest,Urge,Bring About,Egg On,Prompt,Stir Up,Fire Up,Turn On,Work Up,Put Up To,Make Waves,Add Fuel,Set On,Steam Up,
Antonyms Calm,Conclude,Depress,Deter,Discourage,Dissuade,Finish,Halt,Ignore,Neglect,Repress,Stop,Suppress,Prevent,Put Out,

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Word of the Day

English Word calumny Slander
Synonyms Defamation,Lie,
Urdu Meaning تہمت