Meaning of intangible in English

Not perceptible to the touch.

Synonyms Abstract,Abstruse,Airy,Dim,Eluding,Elusive,Ethereal,Evading,Evanescent,Evasive,Hypothetical,Impalpable,Imperceptible,Imponderable,Inappreciable,Incorporeal,Indeterminate,Insensible,Invisible,Rare,Shadowy,Slender,Slight,Unapparent,Uncertain,Unobservable,Unreal,Unsubstantial,Unsure,Vague,
Antonyms Abstract,Abstruse,Airy,Dim,Eluding,Elusive,Ethereal,Evading,Evanescent,Evasive,Hypothetical,Impalpable,Imperceptible,Imponderable,Inappreciable,Incorporeal,Indeterminate,Insensible,Invisible,Rare,Shadowy,Slender,Slight,Unapparent,Uncertain,Unobservable,Unreal,Unsubstantial,Unsure,Vague,

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