Meaning of intimidate in English

To cause to become frightened.

Synonyms Alarm,Appall,Awe,Badger,Bait,Bludgeon,Bluster,Browbeat,Buffalo,Bulldoze,Bully,Chill,Coerce,Compel,Constrain,Cow,Daunt,Dishearten,Dismay,Dispirit,Disquiet,Dragoon,Enforce,Force,Hound,Oblige,Overawe,Ride,Ruffle,Scare,Spook,Subdue,Terrify,Terrorize,Showboat,Bowl Over,Push Around,Lean On,
Antonyms Assist,Assure,Calm,Comfort,Embolden,Encourage,Hearten,Help,Incite,Inspirit,Please,Reassure,Release,Soothe,Leave Alone,

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