Meaning of invigorate in English

To animate.

Synonyms Activate,Animate,Brace,Energize,Enliven,Excite,Exhilarate,Fortify,Freshen,Galvanize,Harden,Inspirit,Nerve,Quicken,Rally,Refresh,Reinforce,Rejuvenate,Renew,Restore,Revitalize,Rouse,Stir,Strengthen,Trigger,Vivify,Zap,Pick Up,Turn On,Vitalize,Snap Up,Pep Up,Perk Up,Buck Up,Liven Up,
Antonyms Bore,Calm,Depress,Destroy,Discourage,Dishearten,Dissuade,Dull,Enervate,Halt,Hurt,Kill,Retard,Stop,Tire,Weaken,

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