Meaning of irrational in English

Not possessed of reasoning powers or understanding.

Synonyms Aberrant,Absurd,Brainless,Crazy,Delirious,Demented,Disconnected,Disjointed,Distraught,Fallacious,Flaky,Foolish,Freaky,Incoherent,Injudicious,Insane,Invalid,Kooky,Loony,Mad,Mindless,Nonsensical,Nutty,Raving,Reasonless,Ridiculous,Silly,Sophistic,Specious,Stupid,Unreasonable,Unreasoning,Unsound,Unstable,Unthinking,Unwise,Wacky,Wild,Wrong,Preposterous,Cockamamie,
Antonyms Balanced,Logical,Rational,Realistic,Reasonable,Reflective,Responsible,Sane,Sensible,Serious,Smart,Sound,Stable,Thoughtful,Well,Wise,

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