Meaning of irrefragable in English

That can not be refuted or disproved.

Synonyms Absolute,Clear,Clinching,Cogent,Compelling,Convincing,Deciding,Decisive,Demonstrative,Determinant,Determinative,Incontrovertible,Indisputable,Irrefutable,Irrevocable,Precise,Resolving,Revealing,Settling,Telling,Ultimate,Unambiguous,Unanswerable,Unarguable,Unconditional,Undeniable,Unmistakable,Unquestionable,Flat Out,Straight Out,What You See Is What You Get,Litmus Test,All Out,Irrefrangible,
Antonyms Ambiguous,Disputable,Doubtful,Dubious,Inconclusive,Indefinite,Questionable,Refutable,Uncertain,Unsure,

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