Meaning of irritable in English

Showing impatience or ill temper on little provocation.

Synonyms Annoyed,Bearish,Brooding,Cantankerous,Carping,Choleric,Complaining,Contentious,Crabbed,Cross,Crotchety,Disputatious,Dissatisfied,Dyspeptic,Exasperated,Fiery,Fractious,Fretful,Gloomy,Grouchy,Grumbling,Hasty,Hot,Huffy,Hypercritical,Irascible,Moody,Morose,Peevish,Petulant,Plaintive,Querulous,Resentful,Sensitive,Snappy,Surly,Tense,Testy,Touchy,Prickly,
Antonyms Cheerful,Happy,Nice,Pleasant,

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