Meaning of jargon in English

Confused, unintelligible speech or highly technical speech.

Synonyms Abated,Abracadabra,Argot,Balderdash,Banality,Bombast,Bunk,Cant,Colloquialism,Drivel,Fustian,Gibberish,Idiom,Insipidity,Lexicon,Lingo,Neologism,Nonsense,Palaver,Parlance,Patois,Patter,Rigmarole,Shoptalk,Slang,Speech,Tongue,Twaddle,Usage,Vernacular,Vocabulary,Mumbo Jumbo,Clich?,Newspeak,Commonplace Term,Hackneyed Term,Overused Term,Stale Language,Street Talk,
Antonyms Quiet,Sense,Silence,Standard,

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