Meaning of jocular in English

Inclined to joke.

Synonyms Amusing,Blithe,Camp,Cheerful,Comic,Comical,Crazy,Daffy,Droll,Facetious,Flaky,Frolicsome,Gay,Gleeful,Happy,Humorous,Jesting,Jocose,Jocund,Joking,Jolly,Jovial,Joyous,Laughable,Lighthearted,Lively,Ludicrous,Merry,Mischievous,Playful,Pleasant,Roguish,Sportive,Teasing,Wacky,Waggish,Whimsical,Witty,Campy,For Grins,Gagged Up,
Antonyms Depressed,Gloomy,Sad,Serious,Solemn,Unhappy,

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