Meaning of jovial in English


Synonyms Affable,Airy,Amiable,Animated,Bantering,Blithe,Blithesome,Bouncy,Buoyant,Chaffing,Cheery,Chipper,Chirpy,Companionable,Convivial,Cordial,Daffy,Delightful,Dizzy,Enjoyable,Facetious,Festal,Festive,Gay,Glad,Gleeful,Hilarious,Humorous,Jocose,Jocund,Jokey,Jolly,Jubilant,Lighthearted,Loony,Merry,Mirthful,Nutty,Pleasant,Sociable,Conversable,
Antonyms Depressed,Disagreeable,Gloomy,Hateful,Mean,Sad,Surly,Unfriendly,Unhappy,Unpleasant,Unsociable,

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