Meaning of judicious in English


Synonyms Accurate,Acute,Astute,Calculating,Careful,Cautious,Circumspect,Considerate,Considered,Diplomatic,Discerning,Discreet,Discriminating,Efficacious,Enlightened,Expedient,Informed,Judicial,Keen,Perceptive,Perspicacious,Politic,Rational,Reasonable,Sagacious,Sage,Sane,Sapient,Seasonable,Seemly,Sensible,Sharp,Shrewd,Skillful,Sober,Sophisticated,Sound,Thorough,Wary,Profound,Prudent,
Antonyms Careless,Foolish,Hasty,Idiotic,Ignorant,Imprudent,Inattentive,Incautious,Indiscreet,Injudicious,Irrational,Nonsensical,Rash,Reckless,Senseless,Stupid,Thoughtless,Unrealistic,Unreasonable,Unsound,Unwise,Uncareful,

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