Meaning of latent in English


Synonyms Abeyant,Concealed,Contained,Covert,Idle,Immature,Implied,Inactive,Inert,Inferential,Inferred,Inherent,Inoperative,Intrinsic,Invisible,Involved,Lurking,Passive,Possible,Potential,Quiescent,Rudimentary,Secret,Sleeping,Suppressed,Suspended,Tacit,Torpid,Underdeveloped,Underlying,Undeveloped,Unexposed,Unexpressed,Unripe,Unseen,Veiled,Vestigial,Smoldering,In Abeyance,Unrealized,Between The Lines,
Antonyms Active,Apparent,Clear,Live,Manifest,Obvious,Open,Public,

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English Word Accordingly
Urdu Meaning بمطابق ، نظریں (حالات) ، چنانچہ ، فطری ترتیب سے ، اس لئے ، چنانچہ ، سازگار طَور پَر ، موزُوں طَريقے سے ، مناسب عرصے ميں