Meaning of legitimate in English

Having the sanction of law or established custom.

Synonyms Accepted,Accredited,Accretive,Acknowledged,Admissible,Appropriate,Authorized,Canonical,Certain,Cogent,Consistent,Correct,Customary,Fair,Genuine,Innocent,Just,Justifiable,Lawful,Licit,Logical,Natural,Normal,Official,Orthodox,Real,Reasonable,Received,Recognized,Regular,Reliable,Rightful,Sanctioned,Sensible,Sound,Statutory,Sure,Typical,Usual,Warranted,Proper,Probable,
Antonyms Abnormal,Affected,Counterfeit,Deceptive,Dishonest,False,Illegal,Illegitimate,Improper,Incorrect,Invalid,Irrational,Irregular,Uncommon,Unconventional,Unfitting,Unlawful,Unreal,Unreasonable,Unreliable,Unsuitable,Untrustworthy,Unwarranted,

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