Meaning of lenient in English

Not harsh.

Synonyms Allowing,Amiable,Assuaging,Assuasive,Atresia,Benign,Benignant,Charitable,Clement,Compassionate,Complaisant,Compliant,Condoning,Easy,Easygoing,Emollient,Excusing,Favoring,Forbearing,Forgiving,Gentle,Humoring,Indulgent,Kind,Kindly,Letting,Loving,Merciful,Mild,Mollycoddling,Obliging,Soft,Sparing,Sympathetic,Tender,Tolerant,Yielding,Live With,Softhearted,Being Big,Going Easy On,Permitting,
Antonyms Hard,Hateful,Intolerant,Limiting,Merciless,Restrictive,Rigorous,Severe,

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