Meaning of leonine in English

Like a lion.

Synonyms Accommodations,August,Celeb,Celebrated,Conspicuous,Distinguished,Dominant,Elevated,Esteemed,Exalted,Famed,Grand,Great,High,Illustrious,Lofty,Name,Noble,Notable,Noted,Noteworthy,Outstanding,Paramount,Preeminent,Renowned,Star,Superior,Vip,Prominent,Of Note,Prestigious,Celebrious,Lionlike,Redoubted,
Antonyms Common,Disrespected,Inconspicuous,Inferior,Insignificant,Obscure,Ordinary,Undistinguished,Unimportant,Unknown,Unremarkable,

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Word of the Day

English Word intolerance
Meaning Inability or unwillingness to bear or endure.
Synonyms Bigotry,Dogmatism,Prejudice,
Antonyms Fairness,Tolerance,
Urdu Meaning تنگ نظر