Meaning of lewd in English

Characterized by lust or lasciviousness.

Synonyms Abased,Bawdy,Blue,Coarse,Erotic,Fast,Filthy,Gross,Immodest,Immoral,Improper,Impure,Incontinent,Indelicate,Lascivious,Lecherous,Libertine,Libidinous,Licentious,Loose,Lustful,Naughty,Obscene,Pornographic,Questionable,Racy,Rakish,Ribald,Salacious,Scandalous,Scurrilous,Shameless,Smutty,Suggestive,Taboo,Unclean,Unconventional,Vile,Profligate,
Antonyms Chaste,Clean,Decent,Dull,Gentle,Moral,Nice,Upright,Pure,

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