Meaning of licentious in English


Synonyms Abandoned,Amoral,Animal,Beings,Carnal,Corrupt,Debauched,Depraved,Desirous,Disorderly,Dissolute,Fast,Fleshly,Impure,Incontinent,Lascivious,Lax,Lecherous,Lewd,Libertine,Libidinous,Lickerish,Loose,Lustful,Oversexed,Relaxed,Reprobate,Salacious,Satyric,Scabrous,Sensual,Swinging,Unconstrained,Uncontrollable,Unprincipled,Unruly,Wanton,Uncurbed,Profligate,In The Fast Lane,Promiscuous,
Antonyms Chaste,Controlled,Good,Innocent,Moral,

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