Meaning of liege in English


Synonyms Accountabilities,Affectionate,Allegiant,Ardent,Circumspect,Conscientious,Constant,Dependable,Devoted,Dutiful,Enduring,Fast,Firm,Genuine,Honest,Honorable,Incorruptible,Loving,Loyal,Obedient,Patriotic,Resolute,Scrupulous,Sincere,Staunch,Steadfast,Steady,Straight,Sure,Tried,Trustworthy,Trusty,Truthful,Unchanging,Unswerving,Unwavering,Upright,Veracious,
Antonyms Changeable,Corrupt,Dishonest,Disloyal,Flexible,Loose,Unfixed,Unstable,Unsteady,Untrustworthy,Wavering,Weak,

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