Meaning of liking in English


Synonyms Affection,Affinity,Appetite,Appreciation,Attachment,Attraction,Bent,Bias,Desire,Devotion,Fancy,Favoritism,Inclination,Love,Mind,Palate,Partiality,Passion,Penchant,Pleasure,Predilection,Relish,Stomach,Sympathy,Tendency,Tooth,Weakness,Will,Preference,Proneness,Propensity,Velleity,Soft Spot,
Antonyms Animosity,Antipathy,Aversion,Disgust,Disinclination,Disinterest,Dislike,Distaste,Enmity,Fairness,Hate,Hatred,Impartiality,Indifference,Justice,Neglect,Repulsion,Revulsion,

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