Meaning of literal in English

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Synonyms Accurate,Actual,Apparent,Authentic,Close,Critical,Faithful,Genuine,Gospel,Methodical,Natural,Ordinary,Plain,Scrupulous,Simple,Strict,True,Unerring,Unvarnished,Usual,Veracious,Verbal,Verbatim,Veritable,Written,Undeviating,Bona Fide,Not Figurative,To The Letter,
Antonyms Abnormal,Complex,Complicated,Counterfeit,Decorated,Different,Difficult,Dishonest,Embellished,Exaggerated,Extraordinary,False,Falsified,Figurative,Imaginative,Inaccurate,Intricate,Loose,Ornate,Unclear,Uncommon,Unreal,

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