Meaning of logical in English

Capable of or characterized by clear reasoning.

Synonyms Aafa,Analytic,Analytical,Clear,Cogent,Coherent,Commonsensical,Compelling,Congruent,Consequent,Consistent,Convincing,Deducible,Discerning,Discriminating,Extensional,Fair,Germane,Inferential,Intelligent,Judicious,Justifiable,Kosher,Legit,Legitimate,Lucid,Necessary,Obvious,Perceptive,Perspicuous,Pertinent,Plausible,Rational,Relevant,Sensible,Sound,Subtle,Telling,Valid,Wise,Holding Together,Holding Water,
Antonyms Foolish,Illogical,Implausible,Improbable,Invalid,Irrational,Obscure,Optional,Stupid,Unclear,Unintelligent,Unlikely,Unrealistic,Unreasonable,Unsound,Unsuitable,Unwise,Vague,

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