Meaning of magnificence in English

The exhibition of greatness of action, character, intellect, wealth, or power.

Synonyms Beauty,Brilliance,Distinction,Elegance,Flourish,Glitter,Glory,Grace,Greatness,Importance,Impressiveness,Lavishness,Loftiness,Majesty,Nobility,Nobleness,Ostentation,Ostentatiousness,Pomp,Post,Radiance,Resplendency,Richness,Show,Splendor,Stateliness,Style,Sublimity,Sumptuousness,Swank,Exaltedness,Pulchritude,Luxuriousness,Spectacularity,
Antonyms Dullness,Insignificance,Modesty,Plainness,Simplicity,Ugliness,Unimportance,

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