Meaning of manumit in English

To set free from bondage.

Synonyms Absolve,Acquit,Bail,Bimonthly,Clear,Deliver,Demobilize,Discharge,Disengage,Disenthrall,Dismiss,Emancipate,Enfranchise,Extricate,Liberate,Loose,Loosen,Pardon,Parole,Ransom,Redeem,Release,Relieve,Reprieve,Rescue,Save,Spring,Unbind,Unchain,Undo,Unleash,Untie,Bail Out,Cut Loose,Turn Out,Let Off,Let Off The Hook,Set Free,Let Out,Let Loose,Disimprison,Put On The Street,
Antonyms Bind,Blame,Condemn,Convict,Damn,Detain,Employ,Engage,Fasten,Harm,Hire,Hold,Hurt,Imprison,Injure,Keep,Limit,Maintain,Restrain,Sentence,Punish,

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