Meaning of massive in English

Of considerable bulk and weight.

Synonyms Big,Bulky,Colossal,Cracking,Cumbersome,Cumbrous,Elephantine,Enormous,Extensive,Gargantuan,Gigantic,Grand,Great,Gross,Heavy,Hefty,Huge,Hulking,Immense,Imposing,Impressive,Mammoth,Mighty,Monster,Monumental,Mountainous,Ponderous,Solid,Stately,Substantial,Titanic,Towering,Tremendous,Unwieldy,Vast,Walloping,Weighty,Whopping,Prodigious,
Antonyms Common,Dwarfed,Inconsequential,Insignificant,Limited,Little,Miniature,Minor,Minute,Narrow,Poor,Short,Slight,Small,Teeny,Tiny,Trivial,Unimportant,Unimposing,Unimpressive,Weak,

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