Meaning of meager in English


Synonyms Bare,Barren,Deficient,Exiguous,Flimsy,Inappreciable,Inconsiderable,Infertile,Insubstantial,Insufficient,Little,Mere,Minimum,Miserable,Paltry,Scant,Scanty,Scrimp,Scrimpy,Shabby,Short,Skimp,Skimpy,Slender,Slight,Spare,Sparse,Subtle,Tenuous,Unfinished,Unfruitful,Unproductive,Wanting,Weak,Puny,Too Little Too Late,
Antonyms Adequate,Ample,Big,Enough,Fat,Full,Generous,Large,Liberal,Plentiful,Plenty,Rich,Significant,Substantial,Sufficient,Wealthy,Wide,

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