Meaning of merciful in English

Disposed to pity and forgive.

Synonyms Beneficent,Benign,Benignant,Charitable,Clement,Compassionate,Condoning,Easygoing,Feeling,Forbearing,Forgiving,Generous,Gentle,Gracious,Humane,Humanitarian,Indulgent,Kindly,Lenient,Liberal,Mild,Pardoning,Pitiful,Pitying,Soft,Sympathetic,Tender,Tolerant,Softhearted,Tenderhearted,All Heart,Bleeding Heart,Heart In Right Place,
Antonyms Cruel,Hard,Harsh,Hateful,Inhumane,Mean,Merciless,Severe,Unforgiving,Unkind,Unmerciful,Unsympathetic,Ungiving,Uncompassionate,

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