Meaning of merciless in English


Synonyms Barbarous,Callous,Cruel,Cutthroat,Fierce,Gratuitous,Grim,Hard,Hardhearted,Harsh,Implacable,Inexorable,Inhumane,Mortal,Pitiless,Relentless,Ruthless,Severe,Unappeasable,Unfeeling,Unflinching,Unforgiving,Unmerciful,Unpitying,Unrelenting,Unsparing,Unsympathetic,Unyielding,Wanton,Hatchet Job,Compassionless,Having A Killer Instinct,Mean Machine,
Antonyms Bright,Calm,Compassionate,Considerate,Easy,Feeling,Flexible,Gentle,Giving,Kind,Merciful,Mild,Nice,Peaceful,Polite,Remorseful,Sparing,Sympathetic,Tender,Yielding,

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