Meaning of metaphysical in English


Synonyms Abstract,Abstruse,Bodiless,Deep,Difficult,Esoteric,Eternal,Fundamental,Ideal,Immaterial,Impalpable,Incorporeal,Insubstantial,Intangible,Intellectual,Jesuitic,Mystical,Numinous,Philosophical,Recondite,Spiritual,Superhuman,Superior,Supernatural,Theoretical,Transcendental,Unearthly,Universal,Unreal,Unsubstantial,Profound,Preternatural,Nonphysical,Discarnate,Supermundane,Oversubtle,Supramundane,
Antonyms Concrete,Factual,Material,Objective,Obvious,Physical,Real,Solid,Substantial,

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