Meaning of monotone in English

The sameness or monotony of utterance.

Synonyms Continuance,Continuity,Dreariness,Dryness,Dullness,Ennui,Evenness,Flatness,Humdrum,Identicalness,Invariability,Likeness,Monotonousness,Oneness,Repetitiveness,Routine,Sameness,Similarity,Tediousness,Tedium,Tiresomeness,Uniformity,Colorlessness,Repetitiousness,Equability,Levelness,Same Old Thing,Wearisomeness,
Antonyms Break,Difference,Dissimilarity,Excitement,Liveliness,Stoppage,Unlikeness,

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Word of the Day

English Word matter of fact
Meaning Something that has actual and undeniable existence or reality.
Synonyms Amount,Being,Body,Constituents,Corporeality,Element,Entity,Individual,Material,Materialness,Object,Phenomenon,Quantity,Stuff,Substantiality,Sum,Thing,Protoplasm,Corporeity,Physical World,
Antonyms Abstract,Concept,Inanimate,Insignificance,Meaninglessness,Nothing,Nothingness,Zero,
Urdu Meaning اصل