Meaning of morose in English


Synonyms Acrimonious,Blue,Brusque,Cantankerous,Choleric,Churlish,Crabbed,Crabby,Cranky,Cross,Dolorous,Dour,Down,Frowning,Gloomy,Glum,Grouchy,Gruff,Harsh,Irritable,Low,Melancholy,Moody,Mournful,Perverse,Sad,Saturnine,Snappish,Sour,Sulky,Sullen,Surly,Taciturn,Testy,Troubled,Ugly,Down In The Mouth,
Antonyms Bright,Cheerful,Content,Friendly,Gentle,Happy,Joyful,Optimistic,Pleasant,Uplifted,

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