Meaning of opportunist in English

a person who is quick to seize opportunities

  1. The businessman was a true opportunist.

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Word of the Day

English Word audacious
Meaning Fearless.
Synonyms Adventurous,Aweless,Bold,Brassy,Brave,Cheeky,Courageous,Daredevil,Dauntless,Enterprising,Fearless,Foolhardy,Intrepid,Nervy,Rash,Resolute,Risky,Unafraid,Undaunted,Ungoverned,Valiant,Venturesome,Uncurbed,Gutty,Smart Ass,
Antonyms Afraid,Careful,Cautious,Cowardly,Fearful,Gentle,Humble,Meek,Mild,Modest,Reserved,Shy,Timid,Weak,Yielding,
Urdu Meaning بے ادب