Meaning of packet in English

a small parcel

  1. My sister gave me a packet of sweets on my birthday.

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Word of the Day

English Word inexplicable
Meaning Such as can not be made plain.
Synonyms Baffling,Enigmatic,Incomprehensible,Indecipherable,Indescribable,Inexplainable,Inscrutable,Insoluble,Mysterious,Mystifying,Obscure,Odd,Peculiar,Strange,Unaccountable,Undefinable,Unexplainable,Unfathomable,Unintelligible,Unsolvable,Puzzling,
Antonyms Comprehensible,Explainable,Explicable,Fathomable,Intelligible,Normal,Regular,Standard,Understandable,Usual,Comprehendible,
Urdu Meaning ناقابل تشریح