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laboratory landslide labour language lanolin ` ladle ` lapse ` ladybird latitude lamb laugh lamentable laughable laundry leech lavatory lavender lawnmower lemonade lawyer lengthen leadership lengthening lease leopard ledge linger lettuce linguistics liberation lion licence liquid lieutenant listen lighthouse Litter livestock lizard llama lottery lobster loudspeaker locomotive lounge locust lousy logically lovely loiter loyal lollipop lubricate luggage lorry lullaby laborious labyrinth lacerate lackadaisical lactation lacteal lactic laddie ladle laggard landholder landlord landmark landscape languid languor lapse lascivious lassie latent latency later lateral latish lattice laud laudable laudation laudatory laundress laureate lave lawgiver lawmaker lax laxative lea leaflet leaven leeward left-handed legacy legalize legging legible legionary legislate legislative legislator legitimacy legitimate leisure leniency lenient leonine lethargy levee lever leviathan levity levy lewd lexicographer lexicography lexicon liable liberalism liberate licentious licit liege lien lieu lifelike lifelong lifetime ligament ligature light-hearted ligneous likelihood likely liking limitation linear liner lingo lingua lingual linguist liniment liquefacient liquefy liqueur liquidate liquor listless literacy literal literature lithe lithesome lithograph lithotype litigant litigate litigious littoral liturgy livelihood livid loam loathe locative loch lode lodgment logic logical logician loiterer loneliness longevity loot loquacious lordling lough louse lovable low-spirited lowly lucid ludicrous luminary luminescent luminescence luminosity luminous lunacy lunar lunatic lune lurid luscious

Word of the Day

English Word capacity
Meaning the amount that something can hold
Urdu Meaning وسعت