Meaning of tuberculosis in English

a disease producing lesions on the lungs

  1. He is really weak because he had tuberculosis when he was young.

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Word of the Day

English Word listless
Meaning Inattentive.
Synonyms Absent,Abstracted,Apathetic,Blah,Bored,Careless,Dormant,Dreamy,Drowsy,Dull,Easygoing,Enervated,Faint,Heavy,Heedless,Impassive,Inanimate,Inattentive,Indifferent,Indolent,Inert,Insouciant,Lackadaisical,Languid,Languishing,Leaden,Lethargic,Lifeless,Limp,Lukewarm,Neutral,Passive,Phlegmatic,Slack,Sleepy,Slow,Sluggish,Stupid,Supine,Thoughtless,Torpid,Uninterested,
Antonyms Active,Alert,Alive,Animated,Attentive,Awake,Energetic,Enthusiastic,Lively,Spirited,Vivacious,
Urdu Meaning بے پروا