Data Science A field of study and online jobs


Data Science - A field of study and online jobs

In this era of technology, where anything is possible using computers and the internet, one can achieve many things using it. There are many fields which provide us several uses of computers and technology. Data science is one of those fields that not only fulfills the purpose of study but also gives us jobs. It depends on us what nature of the job we choose for ourselves.

What is data science?

Data Science is a versatile field that teaches numerous methods to store, analyze, and record data to extract the information needed at a particular time. It uses scientific methods and algorithms to gain knowledge. It is related to data mining, deep learning, and big data. However, data science is a different field, but it is relevant to technical areas such as:    

  • Computer science to create programs and algorithms to record and process data into information.
  • Statistics to collect, organize, and present the data.
  • Data analysis is to model the data.

With the increasing population, it is not easy to manually store the data of more than a billion people. Data science has become an integral part of the companies' ability to store, analyze, and extract a large amount of data within a short period. Different companies use data science to run algorithms and extract meaningful data for them.

Who are data scientists?

Data scientists are multi-skilled people having expertise in more than one field. They are a blend of mathematicians, computer scientists, and IT experts. Their role in data science is to decode a large amount of data using algorithms and processes. 

The decoded data is further interpreted to carry out the required results for organizations. They find and manage the trending data. In short, their work involves managing the unstructured and messy data to fit them into the databases.  

Prerequisites to become a data scientist.

To become a data scientist, you must clear a few of the requirements, which include:  

Bachelor's in mathematics or fields related to computing. Alternative boot camps can also be done instead of a bachelor's in mathematics or computing. The next step, which most of the data scientist took is masters or Ph.D. in data science. The next step is to apply for an entrance test, once the requirements are complete.

Carrier opportunities and online jobs related to data science:

There are several opportunities around the world for data scientists having expertise in multiple fields. Data science has proved to be one of the globally growing areas. Data science career has ranked at the third-best job in America for 2020, by Glassdoor and before 2020, it was listed at number one best job[i]. The average salary of data scientists is $118,370 per year[ii]. However, a data scientist has to work full time, and some work at least 40 hours a week.

Few of the jobs related to data science are:

Data Architect:

Data Architects work on how other companies will use data. He defines how data will be stored, integrated, and managed by IT systems. Data Architect organizes data at the macro level. Companies offering jobs for Data Architects are IBM, eBay, AAA Club Alliance, T-Mobile. 

The average salary of a Data Architect is $137630.

Data Mining Engineer:

Data mining engineer uses the work of data architects as a steppingstone to perform the further process. The data mining engineer works not only for themselves, but they make sure the data is ready for the analysts to take over. They make sure the information is being forwarded is clean and organized enough for further use.

They are the company's essential assets to judge the critical decisions for their success.  The name data mining engineer is a misnomer because its goal is to extract meaningful data through intelligent methods not to extract the data itself. 

Companies offering jobs for Data Mining engineers are Spotify, Verizon, General Motors, Shutterfly. 

Average salary is: $139,840

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst is a person who uses data, facts, and figures to calculate, where the company stands in the market. They use strategies to predict business operations. By analyzing, they create new business opportunities. 

Companies offering jobs for business intelligence analysts are Walmart, Gap, Bank of America, Kohler. 

Average salary: $83,878


A statistician uses their mathematical and statistical knowledge for the collection, presentation, and analysis of numerical data. They work on quality control and improvement in companies.  

Companies offering jobs for statisticians are the U.S. Census Bureau, Google, PayPal, U.S Department of Agriculture. 

Average salary: $93,589

Data Scientist

The data scientist's job is to organize and clean data for organizations. They need to analyze data in large volumes. They find different patterns, which will help and benefit their companies. Data scientists are technical. They help in making strategic business decisions. 

Companies: offering job for Data scientists are: Facebook, Capital One, Airbnb, Twitter.

Average Salary: $139,840

Wrap up:

Above are mentioned a few of the job opportunities for data scientists and people having technical skills. The salary varies with each organization, depending on their requirements and abilities, especially the number of working hours.

Author bio:

Bella Thomson is a single mother of two kids. She thinks it is easy to survive in this world if you have enough skills. Bella is a strategist and content writer in more than three companies. She also works as a freelancer. Her only passion is to make a living using her technical and writing skills.

 [i] https://www.glassdoor.com/List/Best-Jobs-in-America-LST_KQ0,20.htm

[ii] https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/computer-and-information-research-scientists.htm


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