Ten legit ways to make money and passive income online- how to make money online?


Ten legit ways to make money and passive income online- how to make money online?

With the vast advancement in technology, many people are still perplexed. They are looking for several ways to utilize this technology available through the internet. The thing which interests the people most today is making online money.

However, being honest, making online money today, where everybody has access to resources given by the internet, is a bit difficult. So many people looking for sources to generate a respectable revenue through the internet has seemingly become a challenge.

Yet, another truth is people having a buck of skills find it quite easier to earn through passive ways. If you are looking for ways to make some fast cash or looking for long term income producing, then there are undoubtedly legitimate ways to make money online today.

No matter which way you go through to generate handsome revenue, it will fall into two categories: Active income or passive income. Before divining into the pool of ways to generate revenue, it is of utmost importance for you to learn the difference between both.

Active income vs. Passive income

Passive income is money earned through investments or work in which you are currently not involved. Passive income requires little yet meaningful efforts to generate revenue. It includes; interest gained from investments, rental income, affiliate income, and many more.

However, active income is earned in exchange for your working hours. It generates an exchange for your services. It includes: wages, salary, commissions, and consulting services are all forms of active income.

The question which perplexes people much is: which form of income is essential?

Here's the answer to their query.

Passive income is a lot better than active income because "making money while you sleep" sounds nice. Doesn't it? Think about ways that generate revenue for you while you are on vacation and come home to an influx of cash creeping into your bank account. Pretty awesome, right?

However, all of you must have heard: to eat fruits; you have to plant the tree first. Everything has roots and foundations. Likewise, active income works as a root to your passive income, so never miss it. To invest money for passive income, you have to earn that money through active income. So active income plays an important role.

Ten best passive income ideas to generate revenue

1. Blogging

Most people have their perception of the blogs, that blogs are only for bored people to write down their thoughts. No, blogs are one of the legitimate sources of generating revenue.

The foundation of your blog is a creative idea. The journey of blogging starts with a unique approach. If it's not uncommon, at least it has to be powerful enough to compel anyone to read it. The first thing you need to keep in mind before starting your blog is that you should be clear about the subject of your blog. It would be best if you did not have any trouble writing fluently about it.

Now comes the assets building your blogs: choosing and buying a web domain, designing and hosting your site, and creating content. This whole work has to be done before publishing your blog. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a quick-rich scheme. Like every other business, it takes time and a whole lot of effort. But if you stick to it for 2-3 years from now, it can generate handsome income for you.

There are many ways to earn money through blogs. Some of them are:

  • Paid ads
  • Consulting
  • Sponsored posts
  • Online courses
  • Lead sales
  • Downloadable info of products
  • Selling merchandise

I would strongly suggest you start a self-hosted WordPress blog. You can purchase hosting through Bluehost in less than $5/month, having a free domain for the first year.

2. Start your own YouTube channel.

Videos are a medium to convey your message to your audience in a more pleasant way. Videos grab the audience's attention. Many people are earning handsome income through YouTube channels.

You are not restricted to create content on any specific niche. You can create videos related to anything you like- tutorials, music, comedy, movies, vlog, or anything you love. You can put these videos on YouTube and then can attach Google AdSense to the videos. Once the viewer clicks on those add, you will earn from AdSense.

The key points are: you have to create compelling videos and promote those videos on different social media sites so that your income will come from various sources.

YouTube monetization policy: if you are monetizing your YouTube channel, you have to follow YouTube monetization policies. These include YouTube's Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Google AdSense program policies. These policies apply to anyone in, or looking to apply to, the YouTube Partner Program.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best and yet easy way to earn passive income. All you require is a blog or an existing website. You can promote products or services provided by different companies on your site when someone uses your affiliate link to purchase the product or sign up for services you will get paid.

This work isn't hard as it may sound to you. Thousands of companies in the world are looking for affiliates to promote their product on websites and blogs. You can find such offers by contacting the companies or on different sites such as ClickBank.

It will be a plus point if you affiliate a product or service related to the niche of your blog. You can build this business using your social media accounts.

4. Sell Professional Services

There are people out there looking for individuals to work for them in different niche. You can sell your services through various websites, such as Upwork or Fiver. These are the most significant resource for anyone selling their professional services.  

However, like anything else, the beginning can be challenging too. Once you get on this track, build a strong portfolio, and I would enthusiastically suggest you find competent individuals in your specialty and attempt to demonstrate your methodology like them. Remember that, as other income-producing work, it might require some serious energy to succeed in a self-facilitated WordPress blog.

5. Photography

Are you a good photographer? Are you passionate about capturing mesmerizing pictures? If you are, you can convert your photography skill into a passive income source. You can sell your photographs on websites, which provide you a platform to sell your photos, such as Shutterstock. Once the website sells your photo, you will get paid. 

In this way, your one photo could earn you dollars and represent a cash flow if sold repeatedly. All the technicalities are handled through the web platform.

6. Auction Items on flippa

Selling items professionally on flippa is a form of art. It is a difficult task to compel people to buy your products, especially when there's intense competition, and there isn't any demand for your product. 

You have to do proper research before selling your items. You can make a handsome amount of money as a flippa power seller. You need to follow the steps of most successful sellers on flippa and model your niche accordingly.

7. Use Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is Amazon's interpretation of small-scale occupations. These are small occupations that you can accomplish for others to create a few dollars. They call these HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). These HITs are straightforward errands, which anybody can do, for example, drilling down specific URLs or recording sound clasps for 6 pennies. 

These HITs don't pay a lot; however, if you do several such HITs, you can quickly bring in cash. You can likewise utilize individuals to assist you with such errands.

8. Build your online store.

Are you looking to build your store to sell products? You can make your online store using a platform like Shopify. You can earn through creating your online store rather than using someone else's website to promote your product. Shopify makes it easier to build an online store without hurdles.  

Once you are done with building your store, you can market your services in seconds. It probably won't work quickly; however, you can get a decent running site in practically no time or hours.

9. Offer pet care services.

Most of the people love to keep pets but don't have enough time to look after them. Such people look for individuals offering pet care services. People providing pet care services such as: walking a dog can earn at least 25$ per dog for an hour walk. 

Such jobs are pleasurable. You can easily make hundreds of dollars through these services. Many websites are offering jobs to individuals to provide pet care services such as Rover. It is a trustworthy website. The new sitters on this website have to pass the necessary background check test and provide personal information. So, one doesn't have to worry about the safety of their pets.

 10. Virtual mentoring

Skills are never in vain. You can earn from your skills by starting virtual mentoring if you are a skilled mathematician, programmer, engineer, or any other category. People are looking for tutors online to teach them different subjects via skype, zoom, or email.  

The online tutor marketplace, which I suggest for reputable teachers and meaningful lessons, is takelessons. It has several tutors offering their services. Niche for recruiting teachers is vast so that anyone can apply for mentorship belonging to any field. So, don't waste your skills and start earning through virtual mentorship. 

Final words

Start your journey today. We hope you love the ten jobs to earn passive income. Before starting your work, you need to memorize is: never offer your services to anyone for free. We are planning to publish more stuff for you regarding online jobs.


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