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Agglutinative language Real account Aedilitian glamorous Advice book artichoke element precarious Aggration nuisance marvellous Aegrotat Accede Eon Age record museum Action front cauterize accursed bridge Aery Adipocerate imperil To endanger maintenance Aerogenesis imagination Affectationist curio Afflicted Abound Poor adjustment Acid decomposition misnomer Act of parliament grammar Acute angle To open or close an account with one / To render or send in an account cadenza Agnatic descet Adnation Adams ale Admissable Add entree Apple Direct mail advertising insolent incarcerate Aboma presumptuous Agricultural officer grandiloquent beck Aggrandizable To set afoot fitful barcarole Acephalocardia complication misuse lizard bier insect Acidimeter electrolysis Agitated melancholia plateau Purchasing agent fancy headquarters Perceptual ability community Afeard botanical allude hydrometer mongrel corporeal labour iridescence bethink manufacturer Cost accounts housefly ampere confluence diagonal futurist Natural affection Aesthete Adjurer Accession record garnish contemptuous subside equivalent expansion Negative adaptation distention Abdominoscopy archetype isochronous Unsecured advances colloquialism Acellular Contract account Remedial action Activity coefficient Agraff Actasenatus orchard oblique clement insatiable illegal appreciable Adapt Agamogenetically Added edition Point of purchase advertising Academically Importing agent parasite man-trap lacerate Fire claim account inland quilt leisure Acoustical energetics Activities inconceivable Adnate abase Abyssal brought Abiogenetic opera federal Agname Calvinism Abutter Abrasor laugh mannerism dexterity Belt Adopt bacterium Aeolo disarrange wasp Adulterateness wrist reconstruct invert craving Trade expenses account palpate Aggrievedly Admiral of the fleet distinction Achkan henceforth beguile feint Acid proof cholera detract depress family intrigue Aegirite Affrightment Acoustic phonetics scorpion forth monogamy Affricated liquid Adverse report fretful manoeuvre effluvium ignorance leaflet Aggregated shipment beatitude Advanced phraseography heretic bailiff To open or close an account with one handlebar ascension Absolutist brusque Agglutinating prefix yaws panda loudspeaker

Word of the Day

English Word premonition
Meaning a feeling that something is about to happen, especially something bad
Urdu Meaning پیش آگاہی