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tablespoon tailor talc Talent tame tangerine tantalum tattoo taxis technician technique technology temperament temperamental tempt tenacious tenant tension terminal terminate terminology termite terrific terrify testimony texture thankful theatre therapy thief thigh thorough thoughtful throttle throughout thwart tick tiger toad tobacco tolerable torso tortoise totalitarian touchstone tragedy tranquil transition translucent transparent transplant trapeze treacherous treasure tremendous trespasser tributary tricycle troublesome trousers tuberculosis tuna turquoise turtle tweezers typical To bring abed To lay aboard To fall aboard To bring aboard To come to aboard To haul the tacks aboard To come about To bring about Turn face about Turn the right about The wrong way about To sham abram The Absolute Total abstinence Tangential acceleration Total acceleration Tonic accent To accept the person or face of To accept persons To accept service of a writ Trade acceptance The chapter of accident Theory of accident variations Term account To balance or square account To cast account To give account of To give a good account of To keep accounts To lay one's account with (on/off) To lay one's account with To leave out of account To make account of To open or close an account with one / To render or send in an account To open or close an account with one To render or send in an account To place or pass to account To take (into) account (of) Total creditor's account Total debitor's account Trade expenses account Trade charges account Trade expenses/charges account Travelling expenses account To be accounted of To bate an ace To come across To bid or say adieu To have the advantage of To gain the advantage of To take advantage To take advantage of a person To take a person at advantage To advantage The adversary Trade advertising Transit advertising To take advice Transcendental aesthetics To answer in the affirmative To set afoot Time and again Teenage Transfer agent Travelling agent To aussume the aggressive To set agoing The agony column To pray an aid terminus

Word of the Day

English Word diplomatist
Meaning One remarkable for tact and shrewd management.
Urdu Meaning سفیر